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Episode 26: “The Positive Effects of Challenging Your Team”

Do you feel overwhelmed as a leader and find yourself so deep in the weeds of the daily operations that you don’t have time to lift your head up to see the trees in the forest? All the plans you had when you took this job on of making an impact, building your team, building a positive work culture or even advocating for your lab at a higher level now seem like a pipe dream?

In this episode, “The Positive Effects of Challenging Your Team” Lona Small, MBA, PMP, CPBPM, MT (ASCP) demonstrates how you could still accomplish that dream.

By first challenging your team, Lona discusses the progression that will lead you as a leader to accomplish your goals. She discusses the growth progression of challenging your team.

1. Challenging your team. Let your team know you believe in them and their potential to do great things.

2. Challenging your team allows your team to stretch themselves and attempt new projects thereby building Capability.

3. With the demonstration of increased capability, your team is able to do more, which builds Confidence. This confidence allows your team to do more thereby building more capability

4. With capability and confidence, your team can then Contribute both inside and outside the lab by helping to develop more expertise in the lab and shining the light of your lab. 

This is a compounding effect of multiplying more capabilities, capacity, expertise and support by your team. Thus, your team is able to support you in building the capabilities of other members on your team and free you up to focus on the impactful goals you always wanted to accomplish!

Listen to this episode for the details!

You can reach Lona directly at lonasmall@lonasmall.com if you have questions regarding this subject or you want to contact her regarding leadership coaching. You can also catch her on LinkedIn under Lona Gordon Small. 

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