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Episode 28: Leveraging the Power of Local Advocacy to Impact the Workforce Shortage

Are you looking for ways to influence the national workforce shortage? Well this episode is just for you!

In today’s episode, co-host Stephanie Whitehead interviews Dr. Diane Banks to discuss the importance of laboratory advocacy to leverage success as a MLT program director. Tune in as Dr. Banks elaborates on her strategies in using her local influence (with industry professionals) to offer meaningful solutions to the workforce shortage.

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Special Guest Bio:

Dr. Diane P. Banks is Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at Bronx Community College in NYC, where she also serves as Program Director for the Medical Laboratory Technician Program. She earned a Ph. D. in Urban Education for Math, Science and Technology from the Graduate Center within the City University of New York (CUNY). Her research specializes in STEM education with a focus on faculty preparation and learned helplessness; Microbiology with a focus in soil and water microbiome; Epidemiology with a focus in infectious disease transmission; and Science History Education with a focus on rediscovering the contributions of African Americans in science. She co-authored the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences’ 2018 Workforce Shortage Position paper and co-authored two ASCP LMU webinar courses. Mrs. Banks’ awards and honors include a 2017-2018 Science Teaching Fellowship with the American Society for Microbiology.

Listeners can contact with Dr. Banks at Diane.Banks@bcc.cuny.edu


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