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Leadership and Technical Strategies for Medical Laboratory Professionals to excel inside and outside of the lab.

Episode 40: “Behind The Scenes with Lona Small: Using lessons learned from failure to teach others to succeed”

Stephanie Whitehead and Tywauna Wilson did another behind the scenes with the cohost. They discussed Lona Small’s professional journey from Jamaica via the Caribbean islands to the US. They discussed Lona’s failure to accomplish her first professional aspiration leading up to her current passion of giving back to the medical lab profession as a Quality Assurance Specialist, Process Improvement consultant, and coach and trainer.

Lona shared some of her favorite lab memories, some leadership nuggets and some things that failure and success taught her. Lona went into some details on advice for emerging lab leaders and ways to fill your professional toolbox.

 Lona discussed ways to stand out in your career and contribute to the profession and industry at your highest levels.

1) Finding out your unique competence

2) Don’t be afraid of failure and

3) Getting coaching, getting into a community or a support group.

Lona spoke also about the LabOPEX Growth Academy (LGA community) that will be launching at the end of February and the opportunities for lab professionals at any stage of their profession to grow and support each other in the LGA community.

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