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Episode 46: Boost Your Lab’s Engagement: Mastering Effective Team Recognition

In the episode of eLABorate Topics podcast Lona Small brought the audience a “blast from the past” originally recorded by Lona, several years ago before she started eLABorate Topics podcast. Lona discusses effective recognition programs and how leaders can design recognition programs that actually work to motivate employees and improve culture. 

 The key points are:


1. Be AWARE how each team member wants to be recognized – everyone is different in the type of recognition they appreciate (public, private, written, verbal, etc.)


2. ALIGN the recognition program with organizational and team goals and the behaviors you want to drive 


3. ACKNOWLEDGE and celebrate small wins – recognize progress and milestones along the way rather than just end results


4. Ensure recognition is ALIKE across all shifts and roles – don’t inadvertently only recognize certain groups 


In addition to specific recognition programs, general activities like team lunches or jeans days can also help boost culture and fun. The key is incorporating those four components into the overall recognition approach.


Lona emphasizes starting with the first step of understanding individual motivations as the foundation. From there, leaders can build an effective tailored program for their teams.


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