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Episode 46: “From the Microscope to Thriving in Lab IT”

Lona Small sat down and talked with Michael Camp, Lab Information System Manager.

Michael A. Camp is a Laboratory information system (LIS) manager at a large Greater Baltimore Area hospital where he and his time oversees the LIS for four hospitals.

 Michael’s IT responsibilities include designing, building, testing, and implementing laboratory tests that are used by the Medical Technologist along with system support. He has a BS in Structural Biochemistry from Syracuse University, a BS in Medical Technology from U of Maryland, and a master’s in Information Systems Management from Towson.

Michael has approximately eleven years as a Medical Technologist with a Microbiology specialty before he began the Laboratory IT journey.  Michael’s self-taught computer skills and laboratory background helped guided him into a satisfying IT career. As a Syracuse student, Michael discovered how to repair and construct personal computers for his fellow students. Later, he learned a skill set that he would utilize today in customizing hardware and software. 

Michael has knowledge in Laboratory LIS and EMR’s such as Soft SCC, Cerner, and Epic provide him with a versatile perspective for everyday IT problem solving. Having a background in computers and the Laboratory allows Michael to effectively communicate and become a liaison for both IT and Lab during complex integration conversations. Michael believes that anyone from a Laboratory background and a passion for computers can become an excellent Laboratory information system analyst. 

Michael discussed his interesting journey using his unique strengths and curiosity for computers and science, which culminated in his current role.

Michael had so many great nuggets that he learned on the way and tools for success that he shared on this episode.

A few examples were: 

  • Ways to adjust to new roles
  • Being mentored and mentoring
  • Not giving up when pursuing a role you are interested in
  • Leveraging unique strengths and interests to succeed in a new roles

Michael gave some great tips for medical lab professionals who are interested in a role in information system.

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Michael is on all social media platform as Michael Camp. He can also be reached by email at mccamp31@gmail.com.

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