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Episode 59: 5 Big Career Mistakes You Should Avoid

Did you know the 200th greatest tennis player wins about 49% of the points they play versus the #1 greatest tennis player in the world wins about 53% of the points they play. The difference of being ok and being the best in the world is making 4% fewer mistakes, at least in tennis. Career mistakes can be just as costly! There’s a big difference in losing a job and being promoted. Sometimes success is more dependent making fewer mistakes rather than doing something spectacular. While mistakes are a part of the process, they can matter, and matter a lot.

In this episode, co-host Tywauna Wilson shares 5 BIG career mistakes you should avoid and what to do instead.

Five Career Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Failing to network
  • Not dressing for the position you desire
  • Failing to improve/continuously learn
  • Staying at a job you dislike
  • Chasing the money

*Bonus*– Not making your boss look good

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Have you ever had one of these career mistakes? Or do you have other career mistakes our listeners should avoid? Drop them in the comments or let us know on LinkedIn: eLABorate Topics Group

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