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Episode 77: Traits of a Medical Lab Operational Excellence Leader

Have you ever wondered how some leaders seem to have it together? They have such confidence, professional presence and they’re respected by their team. “How can I get to be that type of leader?”


In this episode Lona Small gave 10 Traits of a Lab Operational Excellence Leader and discuss how you can be such a leader.



1.     Have a Clear Vision  of who you want to be 

a.     For yourself

b.     Your Team

c.     Your Environment

2.     Align Action with your Core Value

a.     What is important to you

b.     Do not compromise your core value

3.     Network and Exchange ideas

a.     Lunch and Learn etc.

4.     Collaborate and Contribute Expertise

a.     Join committee etc.

5.     Operate at your highest levels using your unique skill set

a.     Know Core Role

b.     Call to know Core Role

c.     https://calendly.com/lonasmall/discovery-call

6.     Innovative and be Flexible

a.     Adjust to changes in the environment

7.     Share Knowledge

a.     Build competency and capacity in team

8.     Push against the status quo

9.     Advocate and Bring Visibility to the profession

10.  Role Model



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